Talking House





Many people prefer to drive by properties that they may be interested in at various times of day or night.

Seeing a "Talking House" property that might interest them, they can stop their car in the front of the house, then tune their car radio to frequency 1610 (AM) and listen to a pre-recorded message describing the property!

A talking house unit is a method for our sellers to make more information about their home available to a prospective buyer without asking the buyer to contact the real estate office.

On our exclusive listings, we will offer the talking house service AT NO CHARGE! *

Here is how it works:
If you wish to participate in the program, we will sit with you and develop a script that describes the various features of your property. We can record up to 5 minutes of information, so you will be able to advertise all of the details of your home that you're most interested in relaying to prospective buyers. The broadcast is done via a radio transmitter that we place in your home. It's about the size of a small VCR with a wire antenna that can be hidden. We will record the message and when you approve it, we will set up the system in a convenient location within your home. The transmitter has a key lock which will prevent anyone from inadvertently destroying the recording. If you care to listen to the recording, you can turn on a volume control on the unit and listen to it directly, or you can tune a radio to 1610 (AM) to hear it over the radio. The transmitter is FCC certified and is completely legal.

The benefit of this service is that you will be making information about your home available 24 hours a day. We will place a sign along with our real estate sign that will advise interested parties that they can listen to what your property has to offer right on their car radio.

* Since the transmitter is an electronic unit, we can only offer this service to buildings that are secured and also have electricity.

Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. is a technology based real estate agency that will continue to implement alternative information systems to provide the best service we can to both buyers and sellers. The talking house is one of our latest offerings. We are constantly exploring innovative solutions to implement for the benefit of our clients and customers!